Neil Palomba

Neil Palomba

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of leading global operations and cross-functional teams, driving innovative strategies and transformational change for over 27 years.

My journey began in a small maritime town in Sorrento, Italy, where I dreamt of becoming the captain of a cruise ship. As a teenager, I embarked on my first stage on a vessel, and my summers were spent working on ships. It was a pivotal moment when a ship went into dry dock, leading to my first full-time position in new the building department at MSC Cruises.

Problem-solving and detecting operational and financial efficiencies came naturally to me, which led to my appointment as COO of MSC Cruises USA. With the help of a coach and a great mentor, I implemented strategies that resulted in a 300% increase in overall sales within the first three years. This set the stage for a journey that took me to Geneva, Switzerland, to join MSC Cruises headquarters as the COO.

In 2014, Costa recruited me as SVP of Hotel Operations and Product Development, and I was promoted to President within a year. My most significant accomplishment was leading the 360-degree rebranding strategy across the organization, a process that defined our reputation and guided our actions during the challenges of 2020 when the pandemic struck.

In 2020, I joined Carnival's executive leadership team to spearhead the post-pandemic restart of the full 24-ship fleet. I am proud of the impact I've had on my colleagues and teams, and I believe that my success is measured by my ability to create a positive impact on the industry's future.

Today, I remain committed to my passion for the cruise industry and continue to drive transformation and innovation in my role. My goal is to lead by example, inspire my teams, and ensure that the cruise industry evolves to meet the challenges of the modern world.